Bird’s eye view: Why taking a step back from stresses will help move you forward

You just bought a home, are about to start a new job, are currently tying things up at your old job, and get constant emails all day about all three of the above! You go to bed dreaming of the garden that you want to plant at your new home and wake up thinking about the new responsibilities you are going to have at your new place of employment. From every angle, the stress is palpable.

pulling hair out.jpg

Sound familiar?

All situations vary, but the message that I’m trying to send is one where your current life situation is creating an exponential amount of stress for you. The examples that I have chosen are ones that I am living. This. Very. Moment.

From sunup to the time that I go to bed, I am working on making sure every aspect of my life situation is going to unfold smoothly. I know that if I want to achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself, it will require a lot of work and time and even after putting in the time, I may still have more hurdles to jump…

So how does one get through these inevitable, stress laden periods of life?

I’m going to give you my go-to tip. Zoom out. Take as many proverbial steps back from the situation(s) occurring and regain focus. Focus on the bigger picture.

What are you trying to achieve?

What are the steps needed to achieve your goal?

How are you going to spend your time to meet these goals?

It can be daunting to take on new responsibilities and try new things all at the same time. Continuing to focus on the goals that you want to accomplish allows you to maintain perspective on why you’re extending yourself so far in the first place!


Make lists of everything that must be done before you are able to meet your goal. For example, in the case of getting a mortgage loan, find out what the lender needs and the timeline. Gather the materials together so that the process is expedited.

The unknown elicits anxiety in many so make sure that you have as much information as possible before making a decision that will bear heavy implications on your life.

Of course there will be instances that arise that will catch you off guard but at least knowing that there may be those freak occurrences can help put you at ease. I’m so bombarded with house hunting right now, I’ll use an example of buying a home that you know was built in the 1950’s. Unless that home was recently gutted, new wiring put in, roof, insulation, windows, etc., a person could definitely expect to encounter problems with the home. You may not realize the extent to the issues that the home could have, but at least you’re aware that there may be some messes you have to clean up.

Be prepared. Know what you are about to get yourself into.


Additionally, don’t give up! Putting yourself out there is hard. Beginning a new job, joining a law firm, private mental health practice, whatever it may be—requires you to be open to learning.

Acknowledging that you don’t know it all and being comfortable asking for help are going to be two very proactive, positive ways of handling a new and stressful situation.

Alas, do not give up hope and never let fear hold you back from trying something new. If we do not try something, how do we know if it will work out for us?

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Make sure that you eat right and are getting plenty of rest. Taking on stress requires us to be “fueled up” properly…

What new endeavors have you taken on recently? How did they go? Were you able to learn anything about yourself in the process?

Take care of yourself and strive to create the life that you want. It’s in you to be the best version of yourself and I encourage you to do so!

Empowering you to zoom out and gain a bird’s eye perspective when you feel stress is getting to be too much today and everyday,

Rachel Ann